Why We Exist: The Founders Coffee Club Mission and Vision

There are dozens of online communities and membership organizations designed to support entrepreneurs - but the Founders Coffee Club is built differently from all the rest.

Our mission is to help tech-forward founders succeed by connecting them with expertise, building strong founder relationships, and passively growing member networks. By brokering conversations between like-minded founders - we equip every member with an informal advisory board who truly cares about each others’ success and personal wellbeing.

The Founders Coffee Club is an invite-only community of handpicked founders with a few important qualifications. All of our members are tech-forward entrepreneurs with 3+ years of experience building businesses powered by the digital revolution (e.g. software, ecommerce, digital media, IT, etc.). We help our members keep up with the rapid evolution of tech, capitalize on new opportunities, and spot looming risks on the horizon in their dynamic and volatile industries.

We Build Strong Founder Relationships

At the Founders Coffee Club - we believe that one-on-one conversations over coffee have always been the best format to connect with and learn from entrepreneurs. Every month, we curate introductions between members so they can connect virtually over a hot beverage - combining the convenience of a virtual call with the casual comfort of a cafe.

Unlike the shallow exchanges on social media or online forums - conversations over coffee create the time and space for founders to build trust, mutual understanding, and meaningful connections that can spark

life-long partnerships, mentorships, and friendships along the way.

We Connect Founders with Expertise

In our experience, most of the ways founders connect today through social media, online communities, or masterminds are great for transmitting information, but are poor formats for sharing insight, experiences and personalized recommendations. Masterminds offer just 5 to 15 minutes per founder, while social media / online forums offer even less background or context.

In contrast, conversations over coffee allow for founders to ask questions, improve understanding of each others’ businesses, and offer personalized guidance. Members have the opportunity to identify blindspots in each others’ thinking, discuss emerging trends, and explore big challenges or important decisions with the time and consideration they deserve.

Every month, we ask founders about the challenges they’re grappling with and the topics they want to learn more about. We then match them with an entrepreneur possessing relevant expertise and help coordinate a virtual call over coffee. Since all members serve as both a mentor and mentee each month - members have the opportunity to both learn from their peers, and to guide those whom they can uniquely support.

We Passively Build Your Founder Network

Most founders understand that building robust networks is an important path to their business success, but many struggle to find the time for it because traditional networking is time consuming! Our members no longer have to sort through founder directories, blast strangers with cold outreach messages on LinkedIn, or attend networking events and hope for the best. Instead, they tell us their needs - and we connect them with someone eager to hop on a call.

We believe that collaborating with new founders each month is the best way to source fresh perspectives on how to innovate, grow and automate your business. These conversations create new inspiration, vision, clarity, and epiphanies that can be so much more valuable than reactive or repetitive business-as-usual tasks that take up so much of your time.

If you’re interested in applying to join the club, fill out this application - and our Director of Membership will be in touch for a quick introduction.

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