New Virtual Destination for Experienced Founders

Does anyone else miss meeting or catching up with other founders? We do!

But how can you connect when the entire world is locked down? Conferences aren’t happening. Facebook groups have more bots than people. Reddit is overrun with high schoolers trying to build the next Instagram. And some of us are still scratching our heads about all the Clubhouse hype (maybe I’m just doing it wrong?).

So there are plenty of online destinations, but none of them feel quite right for experienced entrepreneurs. So we tried to build a space that founders would actually want to keep visiting.

Our first decision was to build it on Discord, an app that allows users to connect with text chat, voice, or video. Then we applied a few guiding design principles to how we built the community:

  • Handpick Experienced Founders - Our online community is invite-only. We like to welcome all experienced, tech-forward entrepreneurs dedicated to helping one another succeed. By creating a space where founders can learn fresh new ways to increase sales, sharpen strategies for hiring new talent, or simply to hangout and catch up with peers - we’re replacing the water cooler at their local WeWork with a more convenient place to connect.

  • Create Opportunities to Connect Live - Most social media channels only allow conversation through blocks of text, which can feel impersonal. In contrast, we setup monthly virtual events allowing members to connect via video or audio chat. Between virtual events, members can attend more informal virtual coffee breaks every Monday and Wednesday at 2 PM ET to meet other founders or just catch a well-deserved break between meetings.

  • Create Comfortable Ways to Engage - We all have different preferences when it comes to engaging in the digital world. To make sure everyone can feel comfortable - we built an ecosystem of text channels, group breakout rooms, and 1-1 rooms - allowing members to engage in ways that are both comfortable and customized to their preferences across text, voice, and video.

The pandemic can’t last forever, and being a founder without a support network can’t either. To learn more about joining the community, you can schedule a quick intro call with our Director of Membership here.

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