7 Game-Changing Conversations Available to Founders Coffee Club Members

Though social media and online content can serve you information fast - finding qualified expertise to inform your most important decisions is still challenging. Connecting with founders over coffee is still the best way to receive insight tailored to your business that can help you save time, mitigate risks, solve problems, and avoid learning lessons the hard way.

At Founders Coffee Club, we are passionate about brokering curated, virtual conversations to empower members of our community to act decisively, learn from their peers, and accelerate growth in their business. Below is a list of seven ways the community can supporting founders like you:

  1. Marketing - Learn how to acquire more customers on social media by connecting with the founder of a digital marketing agency

  2. Technology - Discover the latest productivity software that can automate your business from the founder of an IT consulting firm

  3. Hiring - Identify new sources of tech talent from a technology recruiting firm entrepreneur

  4. Growth - Receive tips to take your website to the next level with guidance from the founder of a web design firm

  5. Talent Management - Learn how to handle personnel challenges from an experienced founder who has been in your shoes

  6. International Expansion - Determine your best opportunities for international growth with the guidance of an entrepreneur who has expanded into the UK and Canada

  7. Financing - Learn about your company’s financing options by connecting with the founder of a fintech startup

Navigating your challenges alone can be difficult. With the help of the Founders Coffee Club community, you can become truly unstoppable.

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