21 Side Hustles that You Would Actually Enjoy Doing

Almost half of all Americans have a second income, and there are many options available to earn some extra money… but few of those options carry the potential to feel interesting, rewarding and purposeful. We reviewed many lengthy side hustle blogs to track down the side hustles you might actually enjoy doing. Afterall, if you’re going to be dedicating your precious time and effort into something every week, you might as well enjoy it.

  1. Sell an online course

There are plenty of people stuck at home looking to pick up an extra skill during the pandemic. Creating a course on a topic you’re passionate about can be both lucrative and rewarding. Some hot topics of 2020 to think about include digital marketing, career coaching, work-life balance, coding, and cooking classes. With services like Udemy or Eventbrite, it’s never been easier to get your content out there.

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2. Start freelancing

Freelancing is a great opportunity to develop, improve, or utilize your technical skill set. Offer your services on sites like Fiverr, Guru or Upwork and get paid per hour or per project. Popular in-demand skills include digital marketing, coding, and writing. The best thing about this side hustle? Work as little or as much as you want.

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3. Become a part-time pet-sitter/walk dogs

Offering to walk or pet-sit the neighborhood dog can be a great way to put a few extra dollars in your pocket. Rover, Wag, Citizen Shipper, Fetch!, PetSitter, and are also helping connect pet caretakers with pet owners and are all definitely worth checking out.

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4. Become a coach

Coaching in 2020 typically comes in two flavors: life coaches and career coaches. If you’re someone who hasPick a niche, get trained, and start hustling! This opportunity is definitely worth the upfront investment and can be one of the most rewarding side projects out there.

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5. Set up a car wash/detailing shop

Side Hustler Spotlight - Michael Gaman, Founder, Peak Shine Autosalon

If you’re looking for some inspiration, look no further than our fellow community member, Michael Gaman, Founder of Peak Shine Autosalon. Michael decided to start his business to provide quality car detailing to the Flagstaff, Arizona area. What started out as a side hustle quickly turned into a full-time commitment. Michael says that he’s most proud of being able to serve his employees with the same values that they serve their customers: “honesty and reliability.”

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6. Start a photography service

There are few things more rewarding than capturing someone’s most precious moments with family and friends, and allowing them to relive those moments again and again. People are always looking to hire photographers for events like weddings, sports events, and birthday parties.

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7. Become a seasonal decorator

Perfect for those who are creative and enjoy decorating for the holidays (and don’t just think of Christmas–this includes Easter, Halloween, Valentine’s Day, St. Patrick’s Day, New Year’s Eve, Thanksgiving, etc.) Plenty of restaurants, hotels, and people with no time to decorate their house are looking to outsource these projects. If you add in the low startup cost of this side hustle, why not make some extra cash doing what you enjoy?

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8. Create a blog

Yes, there are millions of blogs out there, but there is only one of you. This is the chance for you to share your own unique view of the world or make a deep dive into a specific topic you’re passionate about and share it with everyone! Check out the link below to make sure you have everything checked off before you begin. also makes things super easy to get started.

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9. Create a YouTube channel or Podcast

Both YouTube viewership and podcast listening have grown tremendously during the pandemic. The best thing about this side hustle is that it’s essentially free to get started, and you get to choose a topic that you find interesting or you think people can benefit from. Learn how to set up your own YouTube channel here and your podcast here.

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10. Become a mentor

If you are in it for the money, this isn’t the side hustle for you. However, if you’re in it to help others succeed and grow, this could be perfect for you. Mentoring someone and developing a long-term relationship with them is both a great way to give back to the community, as well as pass your own knowledge on to the next generation. Especially with everyone at home during the pandemic, it has never been easier to schedule online meetings.

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11. Become a personal trainer

Have a passion for fitness? This is an excellent and easy way to turn your hobby into a profitable side hustle. The best thing about this side hustle is it’s low startup cost and high demand. A lot of people are desperately trying to get back in shape after a long year of staying inside and sitting on the couch. Get certified and start your journey today!

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12. Become an affiliate marketer

“Affiliate marketing has opened new doors for side hustles and solopreneurs. In short, these affiliate programs let you make money off of selling someone else’s product–usually between 5% and 20% of the sale price…” (read more below)

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13. Consult for small- or mid-sized businesses

According to the Small Business Association, around 700,000 companies are started every year. Consulting can be a great way to put your experience and expertise to good use and help others in their journey to building their own businesses. Plus, it doesn’t cost you anything to get started and can be one of the most rewarding experiences out there.

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14. Join a focus group

Believe it or not, but participating in a focus group is one of the easiest and most fun ways to make a side income. There are tons of companies out there looking for customer insights on their newest products and will pay you for your opinion. Read more below to discover why you need to be doing this right now.

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15. Write and publish an eBook

If there was ever a time to write the book you’ve always wanted to write, it would be during this pandemic. There are so many online tools that can help you in each stage of the process so that all you have to worry about is the content itself. Let me repeat, the best time to start this project is RIGHT NOW.

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16. Hand make jewelry

Jewelry can be expensive. Why not take this fantastic opportunity to explore your creative side and make some for yourself? Custom handmade jewelry is always in high demand. This side hustle is a great way for you to express yourself and connect with people in your community!

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17. Make custom clothing

Plenty of organizations (think sports teams, small companies, charity groups, etc.) are constantly looking to boost morale with fun clothing. Custom Ink, Vistaprint, and CreateMyTee are just a few of the many online resources at your disposal. Get creative, get inspired, and get hustling.

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18. Make homemade soap/beauty products

Another option for those that are looking for an artsy project to make a few extra bucks. Surprisingly, making soap is a rather simple process. Once you nail down the recipe, get creative and start by selling to friends and family.

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19. Become a brand ambassador

It’s 2020. Virtually every company is doing some sort of marketing on social media, and one of the most popular strategies is through employing “brand ambassadors.” Don’t worry if you don’t have millions of followers. With just a few thousand, you are a valuable asset and some companies may even pay you around $16-20 to represent their company online.

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20. Open an online store

E-commerce is one of the most popular side hustles out there. The best thing about this opportunity is you don’t actually need any of your own inventory to get started. One strategy fellow entrepreneurs are using is curating old products and reselling them at a fair price. Read the link below to see just how easy it is to get started...

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21. Create your own!

Not seeing anything that interests you on this list? The beauty about side hustles are that they are meant to be fun and unique to your own skill set. If you are passionate about something, take the leap and start your own business. Putting a couple of hours a week aside to start developing your business plan goes a long way.

Honorable Mentions: Tutor, Web Designer, Tour Guide, Resume Editor, Personal Shopper, Video Editor, Party Planner, Virtual Assistant, Uber, Landscaper, Sports Referee, Baker

Starting a side hustle might seem like a daunting task, but it doesn’t need to be. Talk to your friends and family about your idea and see what they say. You might be surprised by the feedback and help you get! There are also some fantastic resources and communities of side hustlers online. Most notably, is offering helpful webinars and consulting opportunities to help you go from an idea to an actual business. In addition, you’ll be paired with fellow side hustlers to keep you motivated and honest during your journey.

Hopefully you found an idea here that excites you. If not, the beauty of starting a side hustle is that you have complete control over what you do. In today's digital world, there are endless opportunities and resources out there to help guide you. Let’s get hustling!

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