The early stages of entrepreneurship are a minefield, full of pitfalls and mistakes that can lead to weeks or months of wasted effort working on the wrong priorities, building the wrong solutions, or pursuing the wrong growth strategy. Those who have navigated these terrains before are familiar with the constant uncertainty, change, self doubt, competition, and fear that what you’re building will crumble. 

Unfortunately, many new and early stage founders face these challenges alone - without access to the support, insight, business experience, and peer feedback that their venture needs to thrive. 


At the Founders Coffee Club, we believe every founder performs best with the support of a team. That's why we mobilize groups of like-minded, experienced founders with relevant industry experience or customer knowledge to come together to provide personalized support for new and early-stage founders. We strive to transform entrepreneurship from a lonely endeavor to a team sport - propelling our community to win and achieve their dreams of impact, service, and success.

By recruiting multiple experienced founders into one virtual room, we create the space for new builders to share their strategic vision and challenges of their business in order to crowdsource expertise, avoid costly pitfalls, build helpful connections, generate new ideas - and ultimately fuel growth of their businesses. We equip each new founder with a month's worth of experienced founder feedback in an hour - allowing them to act with confidence, save time, avoid costly mistakes, discover new resources, and accelerate growth.

how it works



We work with new and early-stage founders to identify areas of expertise they need to grow their business faster.


We assemble 6 - 20 experienced founders with relevant expertise on a virtual call to offer you personalized guidance.


New founders share their experience, vision, and challenges with experienced entrepreneurs over an hour-long virtual Zoom call.


New builders receive detailed feedback, insights, resources, and connections from each experienced founder in attendance.

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